The most important thing to us is building franchise value for the clients we serve.

Our focus on net income and retail strategies are important distinctions between Parliment Consulting and any other ALM vendor. Our approach to strategic financial planning:

Starts with an income target;


Determines which areas of the institution will be under the most pressure to deliver a sustainable annualized growth in net income of at least 10 to 15 percent.


Evaluates retail loan and deposit pricing, product differentiation and market segmentation;


Performs SWOT analysis at the retail customer and product category level.

Create actionable plans that drive sustainable income growth.


• Develop retail loan and deposit strategies and pricing appropriate with ALM challenges;


• Measure and monitor risks to Captial, Asset quality, Management performance ratios, Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity to interest-rate movements;


• Evaluate risk/reward trade-offs for various business strategies.


• Support regulatory compliance.


• Discussion and analysis regarding competitive marketplace.

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For four decades, we've been working with Community Institutions helping to significantly enhance franchise value for hundreds of clients. We focus our expertise in four areas that greatly affect earning growth:



Two things set us apart from

other ALM or planning consultants:

We start with a net income target  and our SWOT

analysis is done at the customer and product level.


Strategic Financial Planning,

Strategic Deposit Analysis, (click here)

Executive Consultative Support Service

and Asset Liability Management.



Planning includes:


Loan and deposit pricing, segmentation, and product differentiation.


• Strategies regarding competitive marketplace.


• Strategies regarding wholesale funding.


• Asset/liability management focused on relevant business issues.


• Liquidity management.


• Capital management.

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We work with management to provide a framework for decision-making through planning, analysis,

and regulatory compliance:



This service is targeted to those institutions who would like unlimited access to us, but not necessarily be committed to an on-site Strategic Financial Planning Session.

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During the annual contract period, you will have unlimited  conference calls and Web conferencing sessions with Dr. Tom and Janet Lockwood.

Our discussions would focus on your specific business issues and could certainly include, but not limited to:

  •  Loan and deposit pricing, segmentation, and product differentation
  •  Discussion regarding competitive marketplace
  •  Discussion regarding wholesale funding
  •  Asset/Liability management discussion focused on relevant business issues
  •  Captal and liquidity management
  •  Strategic considerations regarding the impact of Basel III
  •  Strategic considerations regarding FASB's approval of CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss) relative to migration vintage analysis

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